Our products

Our Commitment

Sustainable, cruelty free, eco- friendly

We’ve chosen to use luxury hair products that share our values while producing the best results. Hendrix Hair uses and stocks only the best professional ranges: Original Mineral (O&M), Eleven Australia, Cezanne Keratin and Kevin Murphy. 

Woman looking at hair swatches in various shades

Better for the planet, better for you

Since making the change to more conscious products, we have noticed huge changes in salon.

Our team no longer suffer from skin irritation or contact dermatitis. as hairdressers who use our hands every day this is life changing. Many clients come to us having experienced irritations in previous salons.

We are thrilled to report we are seeing a decrease in their sensitivites/reactions too! O&M colour is PPD free, amonia free and resorceinol free. Please contact us for a complimentary patch test if you are concerned about skin sensitivities or reactions.

Shelf with bottles of hair product

The difference

Products are sourced locally, from Australian companies. 

Products are non-toxic, naturally safe and effective. There are no vapors or fumes, so there’s no need for masks or ventilation during your treatment. 

O&M is vegan friendly and certified gluten free.

Colour mixing

Our salon uses The Ping colour mixer, which reduces product waste, and results in a more consistent distribution of pigment.